Rules of Life of Diego Maradona


My name – not such a heavy burden, as many think.

My mother thinks I’m the best. I never argue with the mother.

To try drugs for the first time, you quickly realize, is something with which you will soon have to fight every day. They cause euphoria – such as if you have just won the championship. And now you are thinking: what’s the difference, what will happen tomorrow, because today I am the champion.

Drugs made me miss the most important: growing up daughters. And that, I myself never forgive.

My legitimate children – is Dalma and Janina. The rest – a product of my money and my mistakes.

For my daughters, I idol and me that is enough.


If my daughters suitors make them cry at least a couple of times, with each of them probably have an accident.

When it comes to in order to defend the honor of the family, I get a very bad man – as bad as bin Laden.

When people finally realize that Maradona – is not a machine for the production of joy.

I’ve never cheated on his wife. But if it happened, I would not for the world would not have admitted it.

Well, there are homosexuals in the world. They leave us with more beautiful women.

Rough joke – this is what I eat.

It makes no sense to argue about who is better – me or Pele. Anyone will tell you that I have.

In the psychiatric hospital where I was treated, one thought of himself as Napoleon, and the other – San Martin (the leader of the Argentine struggle for independence from Spain -. Esquire). And to me, no one believed that I – Maradona.

Football – a game of fun and joy, and the players here should not experience stress. Stress – it’s for anyone who spends a lifetime behind a desk.

The Lord gave me a good game. That’s why every time I impose the sign of the cross, when I go out on the field. I think I fail him, if you do not do this.

Once at my house in Fiorito (the Buenos Aires suburb -. Esquire) was so much holes that the rain poured inside more than outside.

I pissed away all that I had. Now I just want to enjoy family life.

God helps only those who help themselves.

I too often feel like Jack Nicholson in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. ”

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona

People do not even suspect that hundreds of these same guys like Beckham, played throughout the third world on the dusty street markets.

I am Argentine on the eggs. I want to die in their own country.

Anyone who criticizes me, sooner or later have to eat their words.

I have a definite advantage over the politicians: they are – public people, and I – a popular man.

Anyone who robbed a thief deserves forgiveness.

Do not be afraid to get dirty ball.

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